hello i draw sometimes and i think pink is the best colour in the world. i mostly draw my OCs.

my main bloggy is cloverbot9000


yeesh i’ll clean this up later but i really needed a commission post

i’m taking commissions! here are details for each:

sketches for 10 bucks you get a fullbody sketch with some shades of gray (but not 50 shades) thrown on it! 

icons icons are a 500 x 500 piece of art that you can resize (or i can resize for you) to use as an icon. 

waist up basically what the name says; a colored and shaded art piece of your character from the waist up. backgrounds are transparent unless you specify that you want something else! +$10 for any additional character.

fullbody colored and shaded fullbody piece of your character for $40! also transparent bg unless you have something else in mind. also +$10 per extra character.

if you wanted to commission me for something else but don’t see it on this list, feel free to ask me anyway! these are just my usual thing but i’m willing to work with you on a price/piece i don’t have on here.

that said, i’m down to draw canon characters from series, ocs, MMO characters, anything! the only thing i won’t draw is porn and robots, and that’s 99.9% because i’m not confident at drawing either. 

if you’re interested e-mail me at please!

tumblr kind of sucks with messaging and i don’t trust asks/fanmail to go through all the time =[

a thing i did for jojo 60 min on twitter! the prompt was fashion and i wanted to draw jolyne in this

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borrowed that outfit from a certain stand


This is my last ditch effort to rake in some extra cash before Fanime. I’m very close to my monetary goal, and I’m just a handful of commissions away from getting there!

I’m offering images like the ones seen above and recently in my art tag for $10

I have a quick turnaround and any images requested of me will be done tonight or tomorrow at the latest before I leave for my trip!

I’m a Furry-Friendly artist, and love drawing female characters!

Swimsuits were a popular request, but I can work off most suggestions given to me, and I’m fine with tasteful nudity.

If interested, feel free to e-mail me via naturalharmoniagropius[AT]!


I appreciate any and all support I can get c:

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dangerscissor asked:

WOW JEEPERS your ports are stunning!

thank you! u3u i promise ill have some more to post soon!

im not dead….just stressed……………

another pixel collab between skye and i. we are unstoppable ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


a collab between mel and myself of ours chars and hannahs character fora

actual size:

furcadia portraits from over the past week!

<3 <3 Happy JoJo Valentine’s Day to machyna!!! <3 <3

I know that you love Yukako/Koichi/Rohan, and I hope that you like Lisa Frank stickers too!!

 Please click on the fullsize image too because Tumblr dislikes wide images!

so SO cute! thank you again! ;_; <3

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