hello i draw sometimes and i think pink is the best colour in the world. i mostly draw my OCs.

my main bloggy is cloverbot9000

a thing i did for jojo 60 min on twitter! the prompt was fashion and i wanted to draw jolyne in this

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borrowed that outfit from a certain stand


This is my last ditch effort to rake in some extra cash before Fanime. I’m very close to my monetary goal, and I’m just a handful of commissions away from getting there!

I’m offering images like the ones seen above and recently in my art tag for $10

I have a quick turnaround and any images requested of me will be done tonight or tomorrow at the latest before I leave for my trip!

I’m a Furry-Friendly artist, and love drawing female characters!

Swimsuits were a popular request, but I can work off most suggestions given to me, and I’m fine with tasteful nudity.

If interested, feel free to e-mail me via naturalharmoniagropius[AT]!


I appreciate any and all support I can get c:

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dangerscissor asked:

WOW JEEPERS your ports are stunning!

thank you! u3u i promise ill have some more to post soon!

im not dead….just stressed……………

another pixel collab between skye and i. we are unstoppable ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


a collab between mel and myself of ours chars and hannahs character fora

actual size:

furcadia portraits from over the past week!

<3 <3 Happy JoJo Valentine’s Day to machyna!!! <3 <3

I know that you love Yukako/Koichi/Rohan, and I hope that you like Lisa Frank stickers too!!

 Please click on the fullsize image too because Tumblr dislikes wide images!

so SO cute! thank you again! ;_; <3

happy valentines day raedoodlesuncle josuke and little jolyne make me feel warm and fuzzy too! (人´∀`*)

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